$39 440C Professional Hair Scissors Set,Sharp Blade Barber Shears Ki Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 440C Professional Hair Scissors Price reduction Set Ki Blade Barber Shears Sharp /Debussyan5104043.html,Hair,$39,Blade,Set,Sharp,Shears,Ki,Barber,Scissors,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,440C,Professional,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br 440C Professional Hair Scissors Price reduction Set Ki Blade Barber Shears Sharp $39 440C Professional Hair Scissors Set,Sharp Blade Barber Shears Ki Beauty Personal Care Hair Care /Debussyan5104043.html,Hair,$39,Blade,Set,Sharp,Shears,Ki,Barber,Scissors,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,440C,Professional,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br

440C Professional Hair Scissors Price reduction Set Ki Blade Max 43% OFF Barber Shears Sharp

440C Professional Hair Scissors Set,Sharp Blade Barber Shears Ki


440C Professional Hair Scissors Set,Sharp Blade Barber Shears Ki

Product description

Why choose Our Hairdressing Barber scissors?

Premium Sharp Blades: Made of stainless steel with extremely sharp blades, Which is heat resistant, corrosion resistant, colorfast.

Ergonomic:Comfortable Finger Rests, well suitable for barbers amp; Salons. Custom design to best fit every individual.

Widely Use:The hairdressing scissors are good for salon workers, hairdressers, barbers as well as for family or individual home use.

Say goodbye to costly trips to the hair salon or barber shop every month. Take control of your hair and your money by cutting and styling your hair at home.

Size: 6.0 inch
Material: 440C
Hardness: 62HRC
Thinning rate: 20%-30%
Total length: 17.5CM

Package Including:
1 x Flat shear
1 x Tooth shear
1 x Bag

1. Please clean the scissors after use for better and lasting use.
2. Very sharp scissors! Please keep it away from kids.

440C Professional Hair Scissors Set,Sharp Blade Barber Shears Ki

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