Cocktail Table Dolly Easy-to-use for Tables 30'' Round $351 Cocktail Table Dolly for 30'' Round Tables Industrial Scientific Food Service Equipment Supplie Cocktail Table Dolly Easy-to-use for Tables 30'' Round $351 Cocktail Table Dolly for 30'' Round Tables Industrial Scientific Food Service Equipment Supplie,Dolly,30'',for,Cocktail,Table,Industrial Scientific , Food Service Equipment Supplie,/accombination4768110.html,$351,Round,Tables,Dolly,30'',for,Cocktail,Table,Industrial Scientific , Food Service Equipment Supplie,/accombination4768110.html,$351,Round,Tables

Cocktail Table Dolly Easy-to-use for Tables 30'' Round Max 54% OFF

Cocktail Table Dolly for 30'' Round Tables


Cocktail Table Dolly for 30'' Round Tables

Product description

Cocktail Table Dolly for 30'' Round Tables Description: This convenient cocktail table dolly allows you to load all of your pedestal table pieces on one cart. The dolly features sloped shelves that will prevent them from sliding out of the dolly. The upholstered fabric platform top holds your bases and prevents the finish from being scratched. You can easily roll this cart on a truck to transport to different events. Pub/Pedestal Table Cart for 30'' Round Tables Holds 10 Cocktail Table Sets ASSEMBLY REQUIRED 5 Sloped Shelves with stops prevent table from sliding out Carpeted Platform for bases Heavy Duty Steel Frame Black Metal Frame 5'' Rubber Casters; Two Locking Floor to Platform Top Height: 62.5''H Floor to Base Holder Height: 79.5''H Width: 34.5''W Height: 62.5'' - 79.5''H Depth: 28.75''D__XA-30-COTA-DY-GG (BIZ)

Cocktail Table Dolly for 30'' Round Tables

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