Pferd Flap Disc 5X5 8-11 Ceramic Pack 5 Tucson Mall L 60 of of,Pferd,(Pack,$163,Ceramic,5X5/8-11,Disc,,Industrial Scientific , Abrasive Finishing Products,L,5),/accombination4952010.html,Flap,60,, Pferd Flap Disc 5X5 8-11 Ceramic Pack 5 Tucson Mall L 60 of $163 Pferd Flap Disc, 5X5/8-11 Ceramic 60, L (Pack of 5) Industrial Scientific Abrasive Finishing Products of,Pferd,(Pack,$163,Ceramic,5X5/8-11,Disc,,Industrial Scientific , Abrasive Finishing Products,L,5),/accombination4952010.html,Flap,60,, $163 Pferd Flap Disc, 5X5/8-11 Ceramic 60, L (Pack of 5) Industrial Scientific Abrasive Finishing Products

Pferd Flap Disc 5X5 8-11 Cash special price Ceramic Pack 5 Tucson Mall L 60 of

Pferd Flap Disc, 5X5/8-11 Ceramic 60, L (Pack of 5)


Pferd Flap Disc, 5X5/8-11 Ceramic 60, L (Pack of 5)

Product description

Flap Disc, Radial, Disc Diameter 5 in, Mounting Hole Size 5/8 In.-11, Abrasive Grit 60, Abrasive Grade Medium, Disc Backing Material Fiberglass, Abrasive Material Ceramic, Series SGP CURVE, Backing Weight Consumable, Max. RPM 13,300 RPM

  • Zoro #: G4803233
  • Mfr #:67364
  • Item: Flap Disc
  • Abrasive Grade: Medium
  • Mounting Hole Size: 5/8"-11
  • Disc Diameter: 5 in
  • Series: SGP CURVE
  • Abrasive Grit: 60
  • Abrasive Disc Type: Radial
  • Grade: Premium
  • Max. RPM: 13,300 RPM
  • Backing Material: Fiberglass
  • Disc Backing Material: Fiberglass
  • Abrasive Material: Ceramic Oxide
  • Backing Weight: Consumable
  • Mounting Size: 5/8"-11
  • Disc Dia.: 5"
  • Operating Speed (RPM): 12200 RPM
  • Grit: 60

Pferd Flap Disc, 5X5/8-11 Ceramic 60, L (Pack of 5)

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