$105,/bandoline4767868.html,Kitchen,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,2,YAHEETECH,On,Cabi,Cart,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Storage,Wheels,Drawers,and,with YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart Ranking TOP10 On Wheels with Cabi and 2 Storage Drawers $105 YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart On Wheels with 2 Drawers and Storage Cabi Home Kitchen Furniture $105,/bandoline4767868.html,Kitchen,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,2,YAHEETECH,On,Cabi,Cart,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Storage,Wheels,Drawers,and,with YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart Ranking TOP10 On Wheels with Cabi and 2 Storage Drawers $105 YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart On Wheels with 2 Drawers and Storage Cabi Home Kitchen Furniture

YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart Ranking TOP10 On Wheels with OFFicial store Cabi and 2 Storage Drawers

YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart On Wheels with 2 Drawers and Storage Cabi


YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart On Wheels with 2 Drawers and Storage Cabi

Product Description

kitchen island with storage

Yaheetech Rolling Kitchen Island with Bamboo Top and 2 Storage Drawers, Utility Kitchen Cart for Dining Room

If you find that you may need a helping hand in the heart of the home, this classic kitchen island cart is the piece you go for. This mobile kitchen island is a wonderful focal point with functionality too - it offers 2 utility drawers for silverware, napkins and seasonings, a towel bar for hanging kitchen towels on hand, 4 open shelves and a 2-tier cabinet with adjustable shelf height for keeping utensils and appliances corralled. The 38.6” long 18” wide bamboo countertop provides extra workspace as you prep, serve, and stow. Best of all, it includes four casters (two lockable) for easy maneuverability. This elegant utility cart also serves perfectly as a coffee bar in your living room or a place for cocktails or a casual meal when paired with counter-height stools.

Main Specifications:

Overall dimension: 42.5x18x36” (LxWxH)
Material: Engineered wood, bamboo, metal
Countertop size: 38.6x18” (LxW)
Adjustable shelves height: 9.3”, 11.8”, 14.4”
Static load capacity: Countertop: 145lb; shelf: 25lb; drawer (ea.): 9lb
G.W.: 66.1lb

YAHEETECH Kitchen Cart On Wheels with 2 Drawers and Storage Cabi

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