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Angeleno Heritage Football Tailgate Game House Flag Dowel Set Sp

Product description

Material Type:Double Sided-Thick Fabric

Angeleno Heritage Football Tailgate Game House Flag Dowel Set Sp

Welcome to Juniper

Education and Contract Catering

Building Cleaning

Health and Safety

Hospitality Catering

Welcome to Juniper Ventures
Your partner for the delivery of professional catering, cleaning, health & safety and hospitality services.

Passion, honesty and professionalism are key to everything that LKXSWZQ Garden Solar Lights Outdoor, Tree Shadow Hanging Lights, carries out.

With our established education catering, cleaning and Cake Stand 2/3 Tier Cake Stand Wrought Iron Cupcake Stand Desser services, along with the recent development of a health and safety advisory provision, we have an exciting range of services to help schools and businesses across London.

Whether we are catering for a local school or cleaning for a commercial business across East London, we build strong and lasting relationships with all our customers so they can rely on us to support them.

Our experienced, highly trained and valued teams work closely with our customers to continually develop the catering, cleaning, to Love-Ru Momo Youth Deviluke 100 x 34cm Peach Skin Pillowcases and health and safety services we offer. A perfect example of our innovation has been the introduction of our state-of-the-art Anti-Microbial Electrostatic Spraying service which has provided reassurance to staff and customers as they return to their workplaces following the COVID-19 lockdowns.

If you would like to know more about how Vintage Hibiscus Flowers Throw Ultra Soft Velvet Lightweight Bed can help your school or business with cleaning, catering or health and safety, take a look through the website or get in touch.

Quality service with value

Juniper Ventures is about building strong, valued and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers that deliver the very best in catering and cleaning services.

We are determined to always work in the best interest s of our service users as we believe that is the way to ensure that our brand is one that will become recognised a and admired by others – our image is very important to us.
We will always endeavour to be flexible and solve issues together with our customers and find ways to introduce innovation and service developments whilst ensuring transparency at all times to enable to build trust.

Our happy clients

“I am sending you this email in acknowledgment of the wonderful job our Head of Kitchen does here at Curwen Primary school. The options that are available to our children and staff are excellent and the meals range from freshly baked bread, to cakes made from scratch giving us a real home-cooked feel. The portion sizes are generous so you never go hungry now.

Lisa is always willing to contribute to school events and for our summer fair in July, she cooked burgers to sell to the parents – this was a first and it was a very popular stall helping us raise important funds for school. She is also now providing school with hot cooked meals on INSET saving us from dried out sandwiches! In September when we came back to work, all the staff had the chance to have a cooked meal which allowed us the perfect opportunity to mingle and share what we did over the holidays.

These are just a few things that I have mentioned and I am sure there are many more but I just wanted you to know about the wonderful work she does. She is a true asset to your company and is now a valuable member of Curwen. I truly feel her hard work, passion and commitment should be highly commended.”

Testimonial from Mandy Sandhu, Assistant Headteacher, Curwen Primary School

Peter and his staff always go above and beyond what is expected of them, they are always accommodating even at short notice. Their relationships to staff , visitors and particularly the students is exemplary. They are always happy in their work which is reflected in the welcoming atmosphere of the dining hall.

The students like the food which is always presented to a very high standard. In the words of one year 9 student “school dinners are better than my Mum’s dinners” which I think is praise indeed.

Testimonial from Rokeby Secondary School

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