DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Vibration for Perineum Toy Industry No. 1 Women $54 DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Perineum Vibration Toy for Women Health Household Wellness Relaxation Perineum,Spot,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,$54,,Rabbit,for,DEMKIRY,Toy,Vibration,Pink,/caseharden4952059.html,Women,Sweet Perineum,Spot,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,$54,,Rabbit,for,DEMKIRY,Toy,Vibration,Pink,/caseharden4952059.html,Women,Sweet DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Vibration for Perineum Toy Industry No. 1 Women $54 DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Perineum Vibration Toy for Women Health Household Wellness Relaxation

DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Vibration Sacramento Mall for Perineum Toy Industry No. 1 Women

DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Perineum Vibration Toy for Women


DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Perineum Vibration Toy for Women

Product description

All the best to you;

10 blissful modes of Moving, escalating pulsating to his streamlined, shower or harness friendly design.

Finished by a removable circular suction base, this Jack can be attached easily to most smooth flat surfaces, it's also perfect for use in a harness or strap-on of choice. Switch the suction cup with a classic cap when suction isn't needed.

A thorough wipe down using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam will see the surface squeaky clean and ready to play. Always enjoy a great quality water based gelt in combination, avoid contact with silicone lubes and products. Requires 3 AAA batteries (sold separately). Rainproof.

Length: 7.6".
Insertable Length: 5".
Girth: 5.4" at largest point.
Width: 1.6" at largest point.

DEMKIRY Rabbit Pink Sweet Spot Perineum Vibration Toy for Women

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