DOITOOL Antique Don't miss the campaign Round Metal Cake Cupcake Holders Display Stands DOITOOL Antique Don't miss the campaign Round Metal Cake Cupcake Holders Display Stands Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$26,,Cake,/cholterheaded5103793.html,Antique,Round,Display,Metal,Holders,DOITOOL,Cupcake,Stands $26 DOITOOL Antique Round Metal Cake Stands Cupcake Display Holders Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $26 DOITOOL Antique Round Metal Cake Stands Cupcake Display Holders Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$26,,Cake,/cholterheaded5103793.html,Antique,Round,Display,Metal,Holders,DOITOOL,Cupcake,Stands

Trust DOITOOL Antique Don't miss the campaign Round Metal Cake Cupcake Holders Display Stands

DOITOOL Antique Round Metal Cake Stands Cupcake Display Holders


DOITOOL Antique Round Metal Cake Stands Cupcake Display Holders

Product description


Cake Stand Cupcake Tower Stand Holder Dessert Display Plate Serving Pan.


- Color: White
- Material: Iron
- Size: 23. 00X20. 00X20. 00cm, 9. 04X7. 86X7. 86inch

Package Including
1 x display stand

DOITOOL Antique Round Metal Cake Stands Cupcake Display Holders

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