BD Diesel half 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Transmis Double Stacked Auxiliary $607 BD Diesel 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Double Stacked Auxiliary Transmis Automotive Replacement Parts $607 BD Diesel 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Double Stacked Auxiliary Transmis Automotive Replacement Parts /conjoinedly4767973.html,BD,Automotive , Replacement Parts,1030606-DS-12,Auxiliary,$607,Xtrude,,Double,Stacked,Diesel,Transmis BD Diesel half 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Transmis Double Stacked Auxiliary /conjoinedly4767973.html,BD,Automotive , Replacement Parts,1030606-DS-12,Auxiliary,$607,Xtrude,,Double,Stacked,Diesel,Transmis

BD Diesel Ranking TOP8 half 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Transmis Double Stacked Auxiliary

BD Diesel 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Double Stacked Auxiliary Transmis


BD Diesel 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Double Stacked Auxiliary Transmis

Product description

BDs High Performance CP3 (HPCP3) Injection Pump with up to a 72-percent increase in capacity / displacement delivers enough fuel to support up to 750hp while maintaining 24,000psi of rail pressure. The HPCP3 pump replaces the existing injection pump and simply bolts in place to produce up to 5.25 LPM versus the stock 3.05 LPM. That is right, all that fuel without going to a dual pump system – no extra pulleys, belts or pumps to install. BDs HPCP3 pumps are engineered with an enhanced metering unit and new design cam shaft with modified plungers and stroke. Plus, the HPCPS eliminates the off throttle fuel spikes common with stock pumps that can potentially damage injector nozzle tips when trying to produce more than 500hp. All of these modifications deliver long-term durability with consistent high fuel pressure supply on demand that provides efficient atomization resulting in more power, better combustion and lower EGTs. Designed for street, towing and race track applications, each HPCP3 injection pump is fully tested before leaving our facility. Chevy Duramax 6.6L and Dodge 6.7L engine applications coming soon!

BD Diesel 1030606-DS-12 Xtrude Double Stacked Auxiliary Transmis

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