Proximity free Switch LJ30A3-15-Z BX BY LJ AX,LJ30A3-15-Z/BY,Switch,LJ30A3-15-Z/AX,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Proximity,/conjoinedly4812573.html,LJ,LJ30A3-15-Z/BX,$39,LJ30A3-15-Z/BY,Switch,LJ30A3-15-Z/AX,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Proximity,/conjoinedly4812573.html,LJ,LJ30A3-15-Z/BX,$39 Proximity free Switch LJ30A3-15-Z BX BY LJ AX $39 Proximity Switch LJ30A3-15-Z/BX LJ30A3-15-Z/BY LJ30A3-15-Z/AX LJ Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $39 Proximity Switch LJ30A3-15-Z/BX LJ30A3-15-Z/BY LJ30A3-15-Z/AX LJ Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Proximity free Switch LJ30A3-15-Z BX BY LJ AX Industry No. 1

Proximity Switch LJ30A3-15-Z/BX LJ30A3-15-Z/BY LJ30A3-15-Z/AX LJ


Proximity Switch LJ30A3-15-Z/BX LJ30A3-15-Z/BY LJ30A3-15-Z/AX LJ

Product description

Color:LJ30A3-15-Z BX

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Item specifics:
Item type: Switches
Current: 630A
Warranty: 1 year
Switch type: Proximity Switch
Model number: LJ30A3-15-Z LJ30A3-15-J
Features: 00
Certification: ce

Proximity Switch LJ30A3-15-Z/BX LJ30A3-15-Z/BY LJ30A3-15-Z/AX LJ

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