$25,/conjoinedly5103973.html,Thermometer,,Thermometer,Floating,Proof,Drop,TONG,Animal,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Baby Products , Baby Care,Shaped $25 TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Proof Animal Shaped Thermometer, Baby Products Baby Care $25,/conjoinedly5103973.html,Thermometer,,Thermometer,Floating,Proof,Drop,TONG,Animal,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Baby Products , Baby Care,Shaped TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Animal Proof Shaped SEAL limited product TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Animal Proof Shaped SEAL limited product $25 TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Proof Animal Shaped Thermometer, Baby Products Baby Care

Seasonal Wrap Introduction TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Animal Proof Shaped SEAL limited product

TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Proof Animal Shaped Thermometer,


TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Proof Animal Shaped Thermometer,

Product description

Item Type: Pool Thermometer
Material: Plastic
Weight: Approx. 80g/2.8oz
Test Range : 0-50℃
How to Use:
Just put the water thermometer directly into the water, it usually takes 1-2 minutes, and just move it out of the water to read the degree.
Package List:
1 x Pool Thermometer
This is not a toy, please keep it away from children.
It is more convenient to read the water temperature

TONG Floating Thermometer Drop Proof Animal Shaped Thermometer,

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