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YSJJJBR Downlights Installation Square Dimmable LED Boston Mall 7 Recommendation

YSJJJBR Downlights Installation Square Dimmable LED Downlights 7


YSJJJBR Downlights Installation Square Dimmable LED Downlights 7

Product description

Dimmable: yes
Color Rendering Index (CRI):gt; RA85
Ray angle: 30 °
LED chip: C0B chip (epistar)
Luminous flux: 95 ~ 110lm / W
Temperatures: -25 to 45 °
Level of protection: IP52
Color temperature: warm white :( 2700K-3000K);Natural white :( 4000K-4200K);Cold white :( 6000K-6500K)
Lifetime: 50000 ~ 80000 hours
Material: die cast aluminum + PC

Product features
1. LED Ceiling Lights Use Constant LED Drive Power (AC 85-265V, AC110V, AC220V 50 / 60Hz).Stable performance, safe reliable.Applies to all countries.
2. LED Ceiling Lights, Material Environmental Protection, Low Power Consumption, Luminous Efficiency and Brightness Lighting are superior LED fluorescent tube.
3. LED ceiling lights have radiation protection, anti-fog functions.Light soft, nice look.
4. LED driver, moisture proof, insulation, high temperature resistant.Security level IP52
5. Environmentally friendly semiconductor light source, light color uniform, it is conducive to people eyesight protection and health.No radiation, no UV, no stroboscope.
7. Energy-saving 45-70% as fluorescent lamp / halogen lamp / incandescent lamp and long life:gt; 80000h.
Application Scene
House, Business, Office, Hotel, Supermarket, Display Halle, Museum, Boutique, KTV, Bar, Cafe, Shopping Mall, etc.
Package content
1pc LED downlights
1PC LED driver (dimmable or not dimmable for your decisions)

YSJJJBR Downlights Installation Square Dimmable LED Downlights 7

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