SXX Tissue Holder Direct stock discount Lovely Car Plush Boxï $25 SXX Tissue Holder Lovely Car Tissue Holder Car Plush Tissue Boxï Home Kitchen Bath $25 SXX Tissue Holder Lovely Car Tissue Holder Car Plush Tissue Boxï Home Kitchen Bath SXX Tissue Holder Direct stock discount Lovely Car Plush Boxï Holder,Tissue,Home Kitchen , Bath,Boxï,Tissue,Car,,Plush,$25,SXX,Lovely,Tissue,Holder,Car,/decemjugate4952066.html Holder,Tissue,Home Kitchen , Bath,Boxï,Tissue,Car,,Plush,$25,SXX,Lovely,Tissue,Holder,Car,/decemjugate4952066.html

SXX Tissue Holder Direct stock discount Lovely Max 71% OFF Car Plush Boxï

SXX Tissue Holder Lovely Car Tissue Holder Car Plush Tissue Boxï


SXX Tissue Holder Lovely Car Tissue Holder Car Plush Tissue Boxï

Product description

Color:Blue and White

This exquisite tissue box can be matched with various home decoration styles, no matter where it is placed, it is a landscape.
Product parameters:

Product name: Car tissue box
Product material: Plush
Product color: Blue and white/yellow/light blue
Product size: 45cm/17.7in
Product function: tissue storage
Placement: Hanging
Applicable models: GM
Application: armrest box, chair back hanging, home, etc.
Feature: Multi-function use for car and household

Reminder: This product does not contain tissues
Reminder: The measurement dimensions are all manually measured, and there will inevitably be errors; regarding the color difference due to the light display and other factors, the color error, Please focus on actual products!

SXX Tissue Holder Lovely Car Tissue Holder Car Plush Tissue Boxï

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