Dedication DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Moving Stick Vibration Moving,Large,Extra,/deference4951777.html,Vibration,Textured,DEMKIRY,Item,10.5'',$69,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Stick, Moving,Large,Extra,/deference4951777.html,Vibration,Textured,DEMKIRY,Item,10.5'',$69,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Stick, Dedication DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Moving Stick Vibration $69 DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Stick Moving Vibration Health Household Wellness Relaxation $69 DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Stick Moving Vibration Health Household Wellness Relaxation

Dedication DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Moving NEW before selling Stick Vibration

DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Stick Moving Vibration


DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Stick Moving Vibration

Product description

All the best to you;

10 Powerfun functions.
Extra sensational length and girth.
Made from body-safe PVC.

Strong suction cup base for hands-free play.
Use plenty of water-based oil.

Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
Color: Brown (as shown in photos).
Weight: 825 grams.

Length: 10.5''.
Width: 2.5''.

DEMKIRY Item 10.5'' Extra Large Textured Stick Moving Vibration

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