Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Tableware 70% OFF Outlet Case Black Titanium-Pl $58 Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Case,Tableware Black Titanium-Pl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Case,Tableware,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,with,Titanium-Pl,Kirin-1,Black,,Set,$58,Travel,/deference4951877.html,Cutlery Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Tableware 70% OFF Outlet Case Black Titanium-Pl Case,Tableware,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,with,Titanium-Pl,Kirin-1,Black,,Set,$58,Travel,/deference4951877.html,Cutlery $58 Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Case,Tableware Black Titanium-Pl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Tableware 70% OFF half Outlet Case Black Titanium-Pl

Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Case,Tableware Black Titanium-Pl


Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Case,Tableware Black Titanium-Pl

Product description

Material: 304 stainless steel
Please Note:
Due to Manual Measurement, The Size May Have An Error Of 1-2cm.
As The Light of the Monitor and the Camera Are Different, A Slight Color Difference May Be Caused, Mainly The Difference Of All Colors.
Due to Long-Term Transportation, The Item May Be Damaged Transportation. ITEM IS DAMAGED, PLEASE Contact US Immediately Before Leaving feedback. Thank you for your understanding.

Kirin-1 Travel Cutlery Set with Case,Tableware Black Titanium-Pl

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