KFBE Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Cartoon San Diego Mall Women Shower Wra Pattern $28,Pattern,Shower,Bath,Wrap,KFBE,/deference5103877.html,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Unicorn,Cartoon,Cute,for,Women,Wra $28 KFBE Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Women Cartoon Pattern Shower Wra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $28 KFBE Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Women Cartoon Pattern Shower Wra Beauty Personal Care Hair Care KFBE Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Cartoon San Diego Mall Women Shower Wra Pattern $28,Pattern,Shower,Bath,Wrap,KFBE,/deference5103877.html,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Unicorn,Cartoon,Cute,for,Women,Wra

KFBE Detroit Mall Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Cartoon San Diego Mall Women Shower Wra Pattern

KFBE Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Women Cartoon Pattern Shower Wra


KFBE Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Women Cartoon Pattern Shower Wra

Product description

Size: Bath towel: 150CM*80CM /Hair band: 22CM*15CM /Hair dryer cap: 65CM*25CM

Material: 100% polyester. The three-piece Bath Wrap is made of the same coral fleece fabric, with tight loops and stronger absorption.

Product description: A three-piece set including bath towel, hair band and hair dryer cap.

Bath towels are double-adjusted by Velcro and four-eye buckles to meet the needs of different figures. Headband with elastic design can prevent long hair or wet hair from falling. The elastic buckle design of the hair dryer cap is not only easy to hang, but also adjusts naturally according to the hair volume, not tight.

Applicable scenarios: daily wear, or exercise, yoga, sports and other indoor and outdoor activities

Washing instructions: machine washable, hand washable.

KFBE Cute Unicorn Bath Wrap for Women Cartoon Pattern Shower Wra

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