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QYMeng-Sun Moon Max 88% OFF Beauty products Potted Plants Canvas Abstract Flo Painting Woman

QYMeng-Sun Moon Potted Plants Canvas Painting Abstract Woman Flo


QYMeng-Sun Moon Potted Plants Canvas Painting Abstract Woman Flo

Product description

Product description
We are specializing in producing wall art paintings for many years. We have professional team and focus on home decoration. We want to bring unique colors to your life and we will try our best to delight your life.
1, Material: Canvas
2, Frame: No frame
3, Type: High-definition pixel pictures printed on canvas.
4, Size: We can custom the size for you. Please tell us when you place your order.
5, Packaging: Each painting is carefully rolled up with a plastic tube in the middle to prevent wrinkles. Use pearl cotton to protect the outside.
6, Transportation: Our logistic is fast and effective, you will receive your order within 15-20 days normally. For any other special circumstances, you will receive in about 30 days.
7,Actual colors may vary due to differences between the PC and the monitor .These issues are not quality issues. The final color will be based on the actual product. Thank you for your comprehension.

QYMeng-Sun Moon Potted Plants Canvas Painting Abstract Woman Flo

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