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L1YAFYA Dimmable Led Ranking TOP16 Ceiling Light Rare 8W 12W 10W Surface LED Mo 15W

L1YAFYA Dimmable Led Ceiling Light 8W/10W/12W/15W LED Surface Mo


L1YAFYA Dimmable Led Ceiling Light 8W/10W/12W/15W LED Surface Mo

Product description

NOT:IF you purchase thislamp,We will default send 220V, If you want 110V,Please make a comments in order.
Modle: LED high power ceiling downlight /LED Down Light
Power: 8W 10W 12W 15W
Colour: Warm White(2900- 3100K);Pure white (4000-4500K),Cool White (6300-7000K)
Input Voltage: AC110V/220V
Luminous Intensity: 100 (LM)/W
Beam Angle: 60degrees
Body Material:Lathe aluminum
Case color:Grilled white shell+black radiator
LED working temperature: -25°C - +65°C
Long life span reaches 50,000hrs
Excellent luminous efficiency
1. No strobe, no ultraviolet ray, green and eco-friendly.
2. With uniform light, perfect light spot and soft lighting
3. Low power, low power consumption, less heat produced, energy saving more than 95% compare with traditional incandescent.
4. Beam angle no adjustable
5. Normally work lifespan up to 50000 hrs
6. Application: main used for household, supermarket,exhibition, hotel, restaurant, back wall and other indoor lighting.
Package Included:
1pcs cob ceiling downlight
1pcs driver
LED Drive supporting AC110V, AC220V, AC230V, pls choose!!!
AC220V, AC230V, pls choose!!!
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L1YAFYA Dimmable Led Ceiling Light 8W/10W/12W/15W LED Surface Mo

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