HON,Harves,66w,Classic,Left,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/humble4767975.html,x,Pedestal,Metro,P3266LCL,$534,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Desk,,30d, HON P3266LCL Metro latest Classic Left Pedestal x 30d 66w Harves Desk HON,Harves,66w,Classic,Left,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/humble4767975.html,x,Pedestal,Metro,P3266LCL,$534,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Desk,,30d, $534 HON P3266LCL Metro Classic Left Pedestal Desk, 66w x 30d, Harves Home Kitchen Furniture $534 HON P3266LCL Metro Classic Left Pedestal Desk, 66w x 30d, Harves Home Kitchen Furniture HON P3266LCL Metro latest Classic Left Pedestal x 30d 66w Harves Desk

HON P3266LCL Metro ! Super beauty product restock quality top! latest Classic Left Pedestal x 30d 66w Harves Desk

HON P3266LCL Metro Classic Left Pedestal Desk, 66w x 30d, Harves


HON P3266LCL Metro Classic Left Pedestal Desk, 66w x 30d, Harves

Product description

Durable laminate top resists marking. Painted monochromatic legs, flush end panels and drawer pulls. High-sided file drawer with full-extension triple-tied cradles and spring-loaded follower block; box drawer extends three-quarters on nylon rollers. Central locking center drawer with HON "One Key" interchangeable lock cores. Worksurface grommets for cable management. Modesty panel provides privacy. Use alone or combine with Return to create an "L" workstation. Desk and Return sold and shipped separately--ORDER BOTH.

HON P3266LCL Metro Classic Left Pedestal Desk, 66w x 30d, Harves

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