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Society6 Chinoiserie Toile Red Phoenix Mall by Cotton Duvet on Sharon Lowest price challenge Turner

Society6 Chinoiserie Toile Red by Sharon Turner on Cotton Duvet


Society6 Chinoiserie Toile Red by Sharon Turner on Cotton Duvet

Product description

Size:King 104 X 88

You went for the duvet... you fancy, huh? Now it's time to finish the job and dress it up with some premium design. Our ultra-soft duvet covers feature sharp, vivid prints on the front, with a crisp white on the back. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King sizes. Duvet insert not included. - Every product is made just for you - Crafted with 100% premium microfiber polyester (equivalent to 300 thread count) - Hand-sewn finishes - Hidden zipper for easy care - Machine wash cold water, gentle cycle **PRO TIP**: How to put a duvet cover on--the easy way aka "The Burrito Method." 1) Turn the cover inside out and lay it on the bed (with the opening at the foot of bed). 2) Lay the duvet insert on top of the cover. 3) Roll the two layers together like a comfy burrito towards the zipper 4) Once rolled up, turn the ends inside out. 5) Zip up the cover. 6) Unroll. 7) Enjoy the extra ten minutes we just saved you! Keywords: Pattern, Text, Line, Line art, Design, Paper, Font, Art, Illustration, Textile, Visual arts, Drawing, Doodle, Printmaking, Wallpaper, Style. Also called: Duvet Cover, Premium Duvet Cover, Microfiber Duvet Cover

Society6 Chinoiserie Toile Red by Sharon Turner on Cotton Duvet

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