Youdert Teapot Genuine Tea Pots with Glasses T 2 Ware Cups Cheap $37 Youdert Teapot, Genuine Tea Pots with 2 Cups, Glasses Tea Ware T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Youdert Teapot Genuine Tea Pots with Glasses T 2 Ware Cups Cheap $37 Youdert Teapot, Genuine Tea Pots with 2 Cups, Glasses Tea Ware T Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 2,$37,Ware,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Glasses,Teapot,,Genuine,Youdert,with,Tea,Pots,/lauraldehyde5104000.html,,T,Cups,,Tea 2,$37,Ware,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Glasses,Teapot,,Genuine,Youdert,with,Tea,Pots,/lauraldehyde5104000.html,,T,Cups,,Tea

Youdert Teapot Genuine Tea Pots with Glasses Outlet SALE T 2 Ware Cups Cheap

Youdert Teapot, Genuine Tea Pots with 2 Cups, Glasses Tea Ware T


Youdert Teapot, Genuine Tea Pots with 2 Cups, Glasses Tea Ware T

Product description

Some products will accept customization. You can consult customer service via email to customize the pictures or shapes you want.

Material: glass
Size: 6.1"*4.13"
Capacity: 600ml/23.17Oz
Heat Resistance: -20 ℃~+150 ℃

Package Include:
1 * tea pot
2* Cups
My products have passed strict quality inspection procedures, you can rest assured to buy

Youdert Teapot, Genuine Tea Pots with 2 Cups, Glasses Tea Ware T

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