Home Kitchen , Bedding,Watermelon,Fl,/loculicidal4951863.html,Bed,Tropical,Stripes,Flannel,$30,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Fresh,Throws,Blankets $30 Bed Throws Blankets Tropical Fresh Watermelon Stripes,Flannel Fl Home Kitchen Bedding Bed Throws Blankets famous Tropical Fresh Stripes Flannel Fl Watermelon Home Kitchen , Bedding,Watermelon,Fl,/loculicidal4951863.html,Bed,Tropical,Stripes,Flannel,$30,inscricoesicbsantos.com.br,Fresh,Throws,Blankets Bed Throws Blankets famous Tropical Fresh Stripes Flannel Fl Watermelon $30 Bed Throws Blankets Tropical Fresh Watermelon Stripes,Flannel Fl Home Kitchen Bedding

Bed Throws Blankets famous Tropical Fresh Stripes Flannel Product Fl Watermelon

Bed Throws Blankets Tropical Fresh Watermelon Stripes,Flannel Fl


Bed Throws Blankets Tropical Fresh Watermelon Stripes,Flannel Fl

Product description


A good blanket not only brings warmth, but also a high quality of life!!! Just try !!!

Why choose us?
1.High grade throw blanket will keep you all year warm, our blankets are lightweight due to the microfiber polyester, also extremely durable.
2.Wide colors range to match various house themes to decorative your home.
3.Many sizes are available: Twin size 40"(L)x50"(W), Full size 50"(L)x60"(W), Queen size 50"(L)x80"(W), King size 60"(L)x80"(W). So it is suitable for the couch, beds, nursery or porch sitting, office and backpacking, etc..
4.Last but not least, we have the most professional and patient service, whether you have any questions before placing the order or after receiving the product, just contact us, we hope our customers could have a perfect shopping experience!

What needs to pay attention to?
1. It will have 1-2 inches discrepancy because of the different measurement methods.
2. According to the personal habits decide whether wash it or not before use.
3. Because of monitor's brightness contrast settings and lighting effects, there may be a little difference in color between the website's photo and the actual item.

Please Note: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Bed Throws Blankets Tropical Fresh Watermelon Stripes,Flannel Fl

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