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catch-L Max 73% OFF Camouflage Popular Net - Camo Sun Shade Mesh Netting

catch-L Camouflage Net - Camo Netting,Sun Shade Mesh, Camouflage


catch-L Camouflage Net - Camo Netting,Sun Shade Mesh, Camouflage

Product description

Camo Netting - Ideally suited for Home Decoration, Hunting, Camping, Photography, Tree Houses, Ground Blinds, Vehicle Concealment, etc. The uses are only limited by your imagination.
Product description

This camouflage netting is extremely long lasting and hard wearing, you can be sure this will survive out in all conditions. It is extremely lightweight and quick to dry, making it the perfect companion out in the wild.

Not only is this ideal for shooting, but can also be used in wildlife photography to keep you hidden from the keen eye of animals. Also children will have great fun exploring the outdoors and building army camps with their friends with this camo net.

Effective 3D material to blend into leafy areas. The Woodland Camo Netting is fit for Camping, Shooting, Hiding, Covering, Shading, Backdrop of the stage, Decorating, Camouflage.

To construct a "fort" for kids, for privacy, for Christmas decoration

Installation suggestions: Avoid pulling when installing,Do not install too tightly, Install the rope on all sides as far as possible
Of course,different size,different price, and if you need any other size,pls feel free to send me message about the price,thanks again!

catch-L Camouflage Net - Camo Netting,Sun Shade Mesh, Camouflage

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